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New Undercut Hairstyles for Women


As you know, these days, not only men can achieve the appearance of the undercut. Women are also enjoying this kind of bold cut in any hair length. Stylish and modern are all things that undercut hairstyles for women bring to them. Check out them now and choose the best one for the next hair salon visit!

Long Hair Undercut

For those who want to add something to their long hair but not cut it, consider this long hair undercut on one side of your head.  It is not only bold and unique but also feminine.

Undercut Short Hair

We are not strange with undercut for short hairstyles. Plus, this style is always updated and more daring in the future. The tip for you is to add some line cuts to make it more flattering.

Nape Undercut

Nape undercut is one of the newest trends of this haircut. As you can see, when you cut a small shaved section at the top of your neck, you can achieve a simple and even modern appearance.

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Colored Undercut

If you already have an undercut and want to scream a statement, add color is the easiest way. All thing you need to do is to choose to the color you like and run to the hair salon.

Undercut Ponytail

You don’t know what to do with your undercut hairstyles? Try a classic ponytail for it right now! Thanks to ponytails, you can show off your great shaves.

Wavy Undercut

Bold, sexy are the words to describe wavy undercut. You can achieve this style by using heating tools or curl techniques in the hair salon. In fact, the combination of beautiful waves and shaved sides create stylish undercut hairstyles for women with all face shapes.

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