Oil Slick Hair: The Most Gorgeous Rainbow Color


Oil slick hair with warm and rich locks is a new trend in every town. Thanks to it, brunette can show some optimism since these colors work so well on your dark hair. Typically, when comes to brunettes, girls have no choices rather than coffee, caramel, auburn, or red wine shades. Everything has changed nowadays.

According to Glamour Magazine, the celebrity colorist Jason Hogan is the father of Oil slick hair. And why it is oil slick but not other names? The colors he used to lather up your hair is similar to colorful oil or gas spilling on the ground. What special about it is that it works so well on dark hair while prior to this invention, we only own these bright colors after we bleached your hair.

With the combination of 3 main colors which are purple, green, and blue, it can create countless vivid styles. Stylists love this trend since they can generate a shockingly beautiful effect that their customers just can’t get enough.

I personally love this trend since I can make it dramatic or subtle whenever I want. I can decide the style based on the situation.

The best part of the oil slick is that it gives you the same vibrant colors as other hair trends without cause that much damage to your hair. Believe me or not, the post-salon effects are the last thing you want to handle. Bleaching can give you these colors but it also makes your hair feel like a “broom”.

If you are looking for some changes for the upcoming summer, why not play with fun colors? Try out this oil slick trend and thank me later.

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