On-Trend Quiff Haircuts for Men


Quiff haircuts are incredibly popular in modern hairstyles that are able to grab a portion of the spotlight to shine. The elements of the pompadour, the flat-top, and even the Mohawk are combined that make the best one. Discover best quiff haircuts for men and choose which one can be your next cut.

Short Spiky Quiff

Short, spiky, and expertly coffe are these words to describe this haircut. You can make it a little bit messy and sleek all at once to get the wonderful effect.

Quiff Haircuts for Men: High Pompadour

It brings us some feeling so retro, sexy, and all-around badass about a pompadour. So, if you combine it with the classic Quiff, the result will be amazing. The tip is that you should carefully comb back to give a lift for your style.

Extreme Spiked Quiff

When you think of a haircut, you can choose many modern versions that look like this one. Here, the hairdo is extremely spiked in the top, so it largely resembles the punk rock look of the Mohawk.

Extra Voluminous Feathered Quiff

This extreme Quiff haircut is definitely perfect for the daring guys out there. The incorporation of a little bit of rockabilly, a little bit of punk rock, and a whole lot of edge make it looks stunning from every angle.

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Side-Parted Quiff

Another Quiff style for gentlemen is an expertly placed side part. Because this side part isn’t that defined, you may part it depend on your facial features.

Upswept Quiff

Sometimes, these quiff haircuts for men do not mean that it has to stand out. But they are the cooler swept neat and polished ones.

For all guys, the styling possibilities are endless with Quiff. So, we think that you are ready to experiment with a host of different looks from on-trend quiff haircuts for men list and have a ton of fun along the way!

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