Partial Highlights: Why are They so Popular?


If you are scratching your head wondering what’s the difference between partial highlights and full highlights, you maybe head to a salon and find the color expert to figure it out. However, if you don’t have spare time to reach a go-to, then this article will broaden your knowledge a bit.

Full highlights mean that your entire head is highlighted, not a single section is excluded from this chemical application. This can lighten your entire hair and give you a more dramatic look.

Whereas, the partial highlight are some certain sections of your hair that are dyed to bright colors. They are usually strands around your face, which creates a brighter and face-framing look. Some stylists also prefer highlighting the entire top half of the top with side parts of your head. I personally love this way to highlights since when the hair section grows, they could give an even more natural look.

Partial highlights are getting more and more popular. The question is: Why? Here are some pros that you should take into consideration.

1. Generally, it costs you less money when highlighting your head partially compared to do that with your full hair. Thus, everyone can afford it, even if you are a broke student but need some hair transformation to join some parties of proms.

2. Less damage can be caused (obviously). Believe me or not, the post-salon hair condition is the last thing you want to experience. But the story will be different here since only a few sections of your hair are highlighted.

3. These highlights are hot and sexy, but they still make the whole look magically natural because the base color is still there.

4. When compared with full highlights, partial highlights are more low maintenance, as new growth is less visible.

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