Perfect bang ideas for small forehead


Despite what are you thinking, you can definitely have a bang for your small forehead. The key is that finding a cut that exposes enough to make it appear larger. So, we are here to show you some perfect bang ideas that you’ll love immediately.

Feathered Curtain Bangs

These bangs are perfect choices for those who are not interested in sharp dos. Plus, you can add it as an extra thing for your curly hairstyle. Frankly, it works wonder nearly all hair lengths.

Short Bangs

Just like feathered bangs, short bangs are always an optimal solution for all hair lengths. It is a fact that the more it’s exposed through your hair-do, the longer it appears. It also brings you a pretty appearance when you are hanging out.

Bang for small forehead: Asymmetrical Fringe

A long, asymmetrical cut over one eye is especially a good idea for someone who is acquainted with bangs. It actually creates the illusion of length. It depends on your own interest, you can also keep any hair lengths with this bang

Middle part bang for small forehead

The middle part fringe should be combined with Bob haircuts since it creates a classy look for a small forehead. Thanks to these bangs, your face can be shaped to create an attractive appearance. Plus it helps your hair look fuller and fluffier.

Who says you cannot have a pretty bang? Just give yourself an opportunity to experience; perhaps you will see your better presence!

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