Pixie Cuts for Women Over 40 Looking for a Cute Hairdo


30 Age-Defying Pixie Cuts for Women Over 40 Looking for a Cute Hairdo

A pixie cut for women over 40 is a versatile short crop that offers a youthful look. These are easy to style and manage, which ladies love the most!

A skilled hairstylist from Florida, Melissa Smith, agrees that this chop increases confidence. “Pixie cuts turn heads, so be ready for the compliments when you wear one,” she states.

The only drawback of pixie crops is that they can be high-maintenance, requiring a trim every 3-5 weeks. According to Smith, this might be an issue for women with very busy lifestyles.

Since short hair isn’t easy to cut, finding a proficient hairdresser is crucial.

“Look for a stylist that specializes and is confident in pixie cuts. They’ll be able to determine the best pixie haircut for your lifestyle and needs,” Smith explains. “There’s a pixie cut out there for you no matter your age, body type, or face shape,” she adds.

Smith also assures that “the right stylist can teach you how to style and maintain your cut between salon visits.”

This is the haircut that isn’t only for younger ladies. Here are the images of the trendiest styles for pixie cuts for women over 40!

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