Ponytail With Light Curly Long Hair Bang – A Elegant Hairstyle For Parties


Today, we are going to see one of the best elegant and interesting hairstyles, and it is a ponytail with light curly long hair bang.


This style seems to be simple, but the look when you are done making is extremely gorgeous, neat and elegant. But, if that you just tie your hair in a ponytail is quite boring, you can mix it with a light curly bang to make it more attractive. This combo is perfect, the ponytail and the curly bang will go well with each other.

Some light curly long hair bang will create a chic look for you compared to a normal ponytail style.

This style will work best on women with long hair. Regardless of the fact that it is curly or straight, an elegant ponytail will make you look so gorgeous. This light curly long bang will make you look so girlish and sweet in others’ eyes.

How to make a ponytail with light curly long hair bang

This hairstyle is so easy to make. Just tie your hair, and just a few touch to your bang, it will naturally curl. That’s how we achieve this hairstyle.

For other styles, you can make your hair messy a little bit at the end of the hair, loosen the tie a little bit, your hair will be chic and attractive.

Regardless of a low or high tie, side or center parting hair, your look will completely change once you tie the ponytail and curl lightly the bang.  It will no longer boring as the normal pony hairstyle, mixing with this kind of bang will allow you to achieve the whole new appearance with young, chic, and stylish characters by this extremely simple hairstyle. 

I hope you will like the combo of the ponytail and this bang together with the elegant look that it brings for you if you choose it!

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