Popular 90s Hairstyles for Women We Love in 2020


Popular 90s Hairstyles for Women We Love in 2020

We are never not loving the ’90s! Everyone’s favorite grungy/minimalist decade is back in full swing, and our inner pretty in punk girls couldn’t be happier. From 90s hairstyles to clothes and makeup, this decade’s style is back bigger than ever. And the hair? Ahhh… All. Of. The. Hair! Faded, braided or, yes, left completely ignored—that refreshing audacious approach is the reason for the resurgence of these trends. This pre-social media decade featured hairstyles and fashion where everyone enjoyed dressing up for their own sake and followed their own rules.

If you’re still not convinced, do yourself a favor and check out our list below of the most popular hairstyles in the 1990s. We promise, there’s more to this decade than chokers and high fades:

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