Popular 90’s Hairstyles That Made an Epic Comeback


Like fashion, hairstyles also give us a chance to relive some of our favorite styles from the past. Luckily, your beloved decade, 90’s hairstyles have come back. So, here is the list of famous celebrities’ hairstyles in the 90’s for you to refresh your look.

90’s hairstyles: Crimped Hair

This hairstyle looks great when Melissa Joan Hart wore it. Honestly, it became popular because people wanted to look unique and created many bold statements every day. The crimped hairstyle was also a perfect nod to the 90’s decade.

Half-Up Hairstyles with Fringe

The half-up style was a big hit in the ’90s, and it was often completed with two thin strips of hair in front. Candace Cameron is one of the most outstanding celebrities who rocked this simple and cute big hairstyle.


Hair Scrunchie

This hairstyle was one of the biggest trends when it combined with Scrunchie fashion. Plus, you could find many TV stars like Stephanie Tanner Danielle Fishel and Phoebe on Friends sporting the style in this decade. In the past, it embodied cute hairstyles, but now it brings a sexy look for girls.

90’s hairstyles: Pixie Cut

You can give a compliment for Indie babe Winona Ryder because of her choppy boyish look. Although pixie cut is considered the last trendy 90’s haircut, it is still a choice of modern women today.

Butterfly Clips

Shannon Elizabeth demonstrated that butterfly clips were the most common accessories of the 80s and early 90s, especially for proms and parties. Believe it or not, today many girls still wear them in a fresher, less organized way. Do not think to dust them, let’s use it again to get a new look!  

It is nice to hear that the 90’s hairstyles are coming back. It gives us the ability to reinvent some of our favorite past trends in a modern way. Are you willing to try these styles?

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