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Popular Celebrity Short Haircuts

Chic short haircuts for women
Chic short haircuts for women

Popular Celebrity Short Haircuts

Short haircut usage among the celebrities have become wider and wider in this late years and seems to continue like this. While the celebrities are turning into short hair, it would be illogical if the ordinary women did not. They are using the short hair too. And if you want to stay in the trend and look like the celebrities, you should check out these models.

Michelle Williams knows her hair well and she looks adorable in her short hair.

Miley Cyrus prefers the pixie, blonde short haircut and it looks good even when it is messy.

Everything Cameron Diaz does is a trend and her hair is not an exception.

Chelsea Kane is another celebrity that uses short hair and she definitely looks beautiful with it.

Charlize Theron looked this beautiful in her very short haircut in 2012.

Cielebrities generally prefer blonde short haircuts and this one is not an exception.

Carrey Mulligan chose layered color for her short haircut and managed to look beautiful.

Ginnifer Goodwin looks cute in her pixie short haircut.

Jennie Garth prefers straight styled short hair and should be taken as example.

While her hair was getting longer, Johansson had curly short hair which fit her well.

This is a two angled photo of Sienna Miller’s short hairstyle.

Michelle Williams is another user of pixie short haircut and looks cute with it.

Emma Watson jelled her short hairs for a special night and definitely took attention of everyone.

Keira Knightley prefers Bob cutted short haircut which fits her face really well.

Ashlee Simpson is the center of attention with her short haircut with layered blonde color.

Pixie styled short haircut fits the cute face of Anne Hathaway and she is definitely a good example for women.

Carey Mulligan is a cute woman. She increases her cuteness with the pixie hairstyle of hers.

Tha classical short haircut of Kathleen Robertson makes her look like the heir of the Queen Elizabeth of Britain.

Very short sides and choppy front side of hair. Evan Rachel Wood looks this beautiful with this cut.

Dianna Agron is just another celeb who uses short hairstyle.

While even the celebrities are brave enough to have short haircut, why you arent? Go and have a short haircut lady, you will look this beautiful.



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