Rezo Cut: What’s it? How to Style it? 40 Rezo Hairstyle Ideas


Rezo Cut: What’s it? How to Style it? 40 Rezo Hairstyle Ideas

Rezo cut or a rezo hairstyle is a newer look and a modern take on curly hairstyles. A rezo hairstyle is a specific type of cut that compliments natural curls and gives them that visible bounce! If you are interested in switching up your look and you want to experiment with some options, keep on reading! Here, we are going to list some of the most stylish options for different hair colors, age groups, and hair lengths!

What Is A Rezo Cut?

A rezo cut is also known as a RëZO cut, which is a triangle-shaped look that emphasizes your volume, texture, shine and curl pattern. It was invented as a part of the Rezo haircare line, which are specialized products made for curly or wavy hair. Rezo hairdo is worn by different age groups, often a must-do for women who want to transform their look and go for something a lot more voluminous, bouncy & vibrant! As an alternative to trend, you can also check wolf cut.

How Pricey Is A Rezo Hairstyle?

The price point will depend and vary a lot in this case. It will also depend on the experience of your hairstylist and their use of tools or products. In most cases, you will pay anywhere from $100-$300 for a haircut, styling & shaping of your new fresh cut.

Blonde Hair And Hair With Highlights

Brown Hair

Funky & Brave Hair Colors

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