Rihanna Short Hairstyles: 15 Heart-Stopping Looks


Many people often refer to Rihanna as a hair chameleon. She always makes others surprise when she appears on any occasion. Plus, it is hard to find some celebrities who can change their look so drastically in a short time like Rihanna. If you want to know more about trendy hairstyles or fashion, and even makeup, just follow her on social media. She gets the new style in many ways, such as sharp, bright, classy, sensuous, charming, and sometimes shocking, etc. thanks to her thick hair type, she can experiment with the maximum of hairstyles.  That is the reason why we choose her to find more ideas for you in this article. Give a look at the 15 amazing Rihanna short hairstyles to get more ideas now.

Why Rihanna Is So Gorgeous with Short Hair?

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As we said above, she looks like a hair chameleon, so that she can rock all kinds of hairstyles that you have never seen before. But why she is interested in short hair?  Rihanna belongs to the Gamine type of women, according to David Kibbe when he uses her photos on the “Image Identity” system. The characteristic of her is that she has a feminine face with a teen-age type of body. With women who are in this type, they will easy to look older than age if they try to enhance their appearance with a pointedly feminine look. Therefore, Rihanna is wise when she chooses a simple short haircut because it helps her look fresher, sexier, and younger than long or medium hairstyles. We have to say that short hairstyles use absolutely for her. Plus, it flatters her face into a new level of beauty.

Now, let see the photos about heart-stopping Rihanna short hairstyles.

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