Rose Brown Color – An Ideal Choice For Naturally Dark Hair


Today, we are going to find out a color that can work best on most of the hair color, and it is rose brown. This color has a medium-light tone, which does not require you to bleach too many times. So, it is really perfect for women with naturally dark hair.

Rose brown color

These trendy colors such as platinum and golden pink are easy to be made on the natural light hair. However, for dark hair, you have to bleach many times so that your desired hair color can appear, which is expensive and makes your hair damaged.

But, it is time for you to not worry about that because there is a hair color called rose brown. There are two tones for you to choose from: brown and purple-pink. The final hair color can be different depends on the hairdresser’s techniques. However, in common, your hair can turn into a sweet and seductive garden with this color.

Rose brown color

According to the professors, rose brown is easy to dye on naturally dark hair by adding highlight at the end of the hair.  If you need to bleach your hair, it only takes once or two times, and it is not difficult to achieve your wanted color like a platinum one.  

However, this color has its own minus point is that it does not last long.  Thus, to maintain its original color as long as possible, you need to use the shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair ( there is no sulfate in these products). Besides, professors suggest that you should use incubated cream for the dyed hair once a week to maintain the color.

I hope you will like this post. And let’s consider a rose brown hair as an ideal choice for your hair in the future!

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