Sexy Victoria Beckham’s Bob Hairstyles


We think that Victoria Beckham is one of the most popular women who inspirit many girls about beauty, hairstyles, and fashion. Besides long hair, she often wears short hairstyles when came to events, especially sexy Bob. If you are considering a suitable short hairstyle, you need to see the list of best Victoria Beckham’s Bob hairstyles that you will love immediately.

Angled Bob in Caramel Highlights

This hairstyle brings her a sexy and edgy look and also suits for most of the face shapes because it accentuates your eyes and cheeks perfectly. Plus, you will become the most outstanding woman like her by using the brown-colored bob with caramel.

Choppy Bob: Best Victoria Beckham’s Bob Hairstyles

Thanks to the glossy bob, she really makes us feel jealous. It is incredibly chic with many choppy layers, dimension and volume. In addition, you should use a light hairstyle to embrace flyaway strands.

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Sleek Long Bob

If you love sleek long bob like her, make sure to take good care of your hair. Honestly, you will look chic in a straight bob, particularly in a stylish off-center parting and subtle layers. The tip is to use anti-frizz gel before going out to keep it super-straight.

Short Blonde Bob     

Blonde color always is on-trend from the past until now. Many girls fall in love with natural, shaggy, and laid back locks after seeing her in this hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Bob

When she appears, she looks chic and trendy with this modern asymmetrical bob. Also, she adds platinum blonde to make it bolder and more enigmatic.

Polished Bob

It especially belongs to those who have a heart-shaped face like Victoria Beckham. Ask your hairstylist to cut it short from the front above your cheekbones because your face will look longer and narrower.

We have to say we love Victoria Beckham’s Bob hairstyles! And, how about you? Which is your favorite one?

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