Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair


Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair

Not all hairstyles work for everyone. For a hairstyle to work, it has to satisfy multiple conditions. One of the major conditions that it must satisfy is the texture of your hair. Thin hair might not support a few styles, while thick hair goes well with them. Likewise, straight hair or curly hair wouldn’t support a few hairstyles but a wavy hair would do. So, it is essential to understand the texture of your hair before you start styling. Once you identify it, you can easily narrow down the hairstyles that will give you a chic look. If you have done it and identified that you have thick wavy hair, this is the place for you.

Thick wavy hair looks really cute. There is a sense of messiness all the time which only gives a beautiful look. The thick wavy hair especially looks cooler if you have hair till your shoulder length. It gives a neat appearance. When you add layers to the thick wavy hair, it adds texture and movement to your style. But you might still be skeptical about the hairstyle that you want to choose from and you can decide the best for you with some hairstyles mentioned below.

For those with thick wavy hair, messy shoulder-length haircut is an ideal haircut. But waves can be given that extra trendiness with the right choice of color. The popular option is to go with the beige blonde color. Beige blonde is a great color selection especially if you want to hide the brassiness. The color gives a cool golden/beige tone that highlights your beautiful hair like no other. If you have light hair color naturally, this color is the most ideal for you. It will project you as fashionable, trendier and the sexiest. It’s a choice that you can try without second thoughts.

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Thick wavy hair doesn’t mean you can just attract people through your waves. But you can even blend the curls in and make your hairstyle stand out. Thick curly wavy short hair is one of the popular hairstyles of all times. Many models with thick wavy hair often sport this style because of its uniqueness. The curls and the waves add playfulness to your look as well. The length and the color of the hairstyle are up to you. But the hairstyle looks great on most lengths and hair colors. Coloring just the curls is another great option to look stylish and cooler.

Vintage hairstyles are known for making a comeback. One such great vintage hairstyle that’s trending among women with thick wavy hair today is the undercut. The undercut is one of the popular cuts of the 20th century. The undercut has hair on the front while the sides and the back are completely trimmed down. The hair at the front is parted to the sides giving a cool look. Coloring just parts of your hair is another great way to embrace this haircut and look even cooler. There are many other hairstyles that you can try from the haircuts given below:

Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair

Curly Short A Line Grey Hair

Short Wavy Hairtyles for Women

Layered Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Layered Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair

Short Layered Wavy Haircuts

Wavy Layered Crop

Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair

Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair

Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair

Short Wavy Hair Women

Hairtyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Short Haircuts for Wavy Thick Hair

Brunette Short Curly Hair

Beige Blonde

Short Haircut for Wavy Thick Hair

Thick Curly Wavy Hair

Undercut Hairtyle

Wavy Hair with Balayage

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