Short Hairstyles with Long Beards for Manly Looks

cover-image-8 Short Hairstyles with Long Beards for Manly Looks

If you want to make your beard to have an impact at a high level, this is time for you to change your hair that suits your beard. Short hair is the best way to make your beard look longer and also helps your face look more seriously. So, we have collected for you some manly short hairstyles with long beards that you can get more ideas for your new look.

Coiffed Hair with Fade and Beard

This short coiffed faded hair with your long beard brings a balance and suitable for your overall look. Your scruffy beard look will be cleaned up and on-trend by fades on the top.

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Baby Bangs with Beard

If you like a very short hair with your beard, you can try to keep some baby bangs to suit your beard. Plus, this style works great on oval face shapes and beard.

Bald Fade with Long Beard

Are you looking for a short hairstyle with your long beard when you are a black man? A medium bald fades will spot your beard but still allow you to maintain some hair on the top.

Short Hair and Side Part for Wispy Beard

A side-parted hair adds more chic and well- organized for long-bearded look. With a long, scraggly beard, you should create a neat hair because it is a great combination.

Straight and Slicked Back for Textured Beard

You know, beard usually has more texture than your hair, and also they are easy to dry. That is the reason why this contrast texture brings a smooth, slicked back to your hair that makes others pay attention to.

As you can see, there are many classy short hairstyles with long beards. We think that if you fall in love with them, some of you will experiment right now, or some need some patience to wait your braid long enough.

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