Short Trendy Hairstyles


Short Trendy Hairstyles

No matter what, any woman wants to stay trendy. By trendy, I mean that they want to be in vogue. They always want to try out the new dress that’s suddenly seeing a surge, want to wear the shoe that’s in trend, wants to buy the handbag that’s in trend, etc. Basically, they want to stand with the time. They don’t want to be old-fashioned and want to be belittled by their peers. They love making a fashion statement and they love the attention that they get. People try to emulate them and all of a sudden, she becomes a celebrity in her circle. This also includes her hairstyle.

Short hairstyles define a woman. People make judgments about a woman just by looking at her hairstyle. This is because hairstyle plays a major role in making the fashion statement. The 21st century is fast-changing with new trends coming in vogue every now and then. Hence, it is important to quickly adapt to the trend and call oneself stylish and modern. Short hair is the trend of the century and there are many styles that you can try especially if you have short hair. Here are some great short hairstyles that are currently in vogue.

When it comes to short hairstyles, pixie cuts would always feature on the top. Pixie cuts are chic, trendy, and gorgeous. They are a really cute hairstyle that has shorter hair at the back and the sides and long hair in the front. The power of this hairstyle can be easily gauged since major celebrities like Mia Farrow, Ruby Rose, and Katy Perry has sported this hairstyle. The style requires low maintenance and supports different colors. Some great colors for this hairstyle include blonde, white, brown, etc.

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A mess is another trend of the century. And it’s not just messy today, it’s messy-on-purpose. Women are actually trying to get messy hair deliberately. Some might think that you walked right out from your bed. But those are people who have no idea about fashion. In fact, many women look like they walked the runway in the airport and not in a fashion show. But it’s one hairstyle that looks sexy, cool, and laid-back. Achieving a messy hair is quite an easy task. You must start with a primer and blowing your hair dry. Blow drying your hair is the key to achieve the messy hair and once you texturize it, you have a great and fashionable hairstyle.

Layers never go out of trend even in the 21st century. The reason why many opt for layers is its ability to boost hair volume and texture. If you have shorter hair, layer cut is a great advantage for you. Soft waves are a fairly new trend and are catching up across the world. The soft waves have wavy hair towards the end of your hair. The soft waves look natural and give you a great style. Coloring the waves alone is also a trend now with most choosing blonder or brown shades.

Asymmetrical Haircuts

Evan Rachel Wood Photoshoot

Medieval Hairtyles for Short Hair

Short Trendy Hairtyles

Short Trendy Hairtyles

Photo Shoot

Pixie Cut for Thin Light Brown Hair

Golden Blond Very Short Layered Hair

Short Trendy Hairtyles

Short Trendy Hairtyles

Bob Cut

Short Trendy Hairtyles

Short Trendy Hairtyles

Short Trendy Hairtyles

Medium Bob Hair

Cara Delevingne Blonde Bob

Super Short Curly Hair

Short Trendy Hairtyles

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Layered Cut

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Short Trendy Hairstyle

Short Trendy Hairstyles

Short Trendy Hairstyles

Soft Waves

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