Skin Fade Haircuts For A Better Look


The skin fade haircuts have become very popular these days. This haircut is also known as the bald fade or zero fade haircuts. You can choose a suitable haircut such as the high, mid, and low skin fade. Moreover, guys can freely combine the cut with a side part, quiff, comb over, pompadour v.v. to have a cool haircut. 

High skin fade

If you own short hair, you may find high skin fade a good choice. You will look sexy, masculine in this haircut. Try to rock this style!

Low skin fade

This haircut is popular because it makes men look fresh and cool. A lot of men prefer this haircut because low skin fades gradually blend and taper the sides and back. Let’s try it now!

Mid skin fade

You may be familiar with the mid fade in other hairstyles. How about the mid skin fade? Well, this haircut brings you a balanced look. It works for any man!

Skin fade haircuts with long hair on top

To make a skin fade more interesting, you can ask the barber to keep the long hair on top. The cut can be transformed into a comb-over, quiff, a pompadour, man bun, spikes, or faux hawk for a sexier look. 

Skin Fade with short hair on top

How about short hair on top? The answer is of course a yes. Skin fade haircuts can be mixed beautifully with other styles like the buzz cut, crew cut, crop top, side part, ivy League, high and tight, v.v. A be low-maintenance and handsome style finally will surprise you. In case you are late in the morning, this haircut will be your life savior. 

We hope our collection today will inspire you guys to have new skin fade haircuts. Check it out right now!

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