Spiky Hairstyles for Men in Modern Interpretation


Although appearing in the 19th century, spiky hairstyles for men are still popular these days. For the modern styles of spiky, men complete it by using hair gel or something lighter, like cream that brings a classic style for them. If you are wondering how to style the best spiky hairstyles, keep reading this article and see 5 spiky hairstyles for men.

Side and Up Spiky Hair

In the first one of the list, we want to show you a style that is well-groomed and stylish. With a little bit of styling gel, you can create an envious style with a perfectly imperfect texture. Plus, add a neat beard or mustache to achieve the sexy spiky like him.

Soft, Short Spikes on Top

Everything looks like a great combination between your gorgeous face and this hairstyle. You can consider it when you hang out or go to the workplace. Also, you should maintain a mustache as well.

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Bare-Faced Spiky Cut

With this spiky hairstyle, we assure you that all eyes will be on you! The tip for you is to focus on the longer strands and remember to use styling hair products after taking a bath to keep it all day.

Spiked Mohawk-Inspired Hair

This cut brings you not only a bold but also serious business look. We recommend you to style with a short buzz on the sides and combed upside spike.

Spiky Pompadour

If you don’t have much time for preparing hair in the morning, here is the solution for spiky hairstyles for men. An interesting point is that this style is so versatile for all hair type and face shape.

So, what do you think after seeing the list of spiky hairstyles for men? We hope you can find and experiment with the new look.

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