Stunning Vintage Haircuts in 2020 That You Must Try


If you are bored with the normal hairstyles I have worn for a long time, it’d better chase for something new. Believe it or not, this 2020 saw the comeback of the vintage style for women in both hairstyles and clothes. Vintage haircuts are top searched hairdo all over the world these days. If you are curious about what vintage haircuts you can rock for this season, we are here to help you. We have a collection of the most on-trend vintage haircuts that will adorn you. Let’s check it out!

Posh Spice Bob

The first vintage haircut is the Posh Spice bob. As you can see through this image, you will look retro and classic wearing this haircut. It is super suitable for some parties or some night dates.

Selena’s bob cuts 

This smooth and vintage haircut will enhance your look. A plus point in this haircut is that it can embrace your round or square face. You will look perfect in it, believe us!

Flipped bob cut

For those who prefer something classic yet chic and sassy, this flipped bob cut is a must. You can freely keep the length of your natural hair, or chopping it short for a new look. We recommend you add some fringe or side-swept bang for a more sophisticated look.

French bob: one of the vintage haircut this 2020 you may ask for 

Bob never fails to satisfy any lady. Yes, this 2020 you can redefine your look by going for this vintage haircut. It is youthful and sassy.

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Disco Feathered Hair

Another haircut that brings you back to the past is this disco feathered hair. This haircut may take you more maintenance than others; however, its signature texture is worth it, right?

We hope that you like our suggestions today about the vintage haircuts that you can rock for this 2020. If you are still curious about what is your ideal vintage haircut, keep scrolling our page!

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