Stylish Soft Ombre Hairstyles for Long Hair Girls


Ombre is one of the most popular dyeing techniques that make girls fallen in love because it suits all hairstyles. If you want to refresh your look without much effort, choose an ombre you like now from blonde, red, or even gray. In this article, we would like to give you some best ombre hairstyles for long hair girls. We believe that you will be excited when seeing them.

Waist Length Ombre Curls

If you have very long hair, you should consider the connection between ends with the roots in this ombre dyeing. You should ask the hair colorist to pair the highlights with all your base color to make it some link.

Bright Blonde Curls

Bright blonde color helps your face look shinier and more feminine. The best method for this hair type is to combine brighter colors at the ends with darker roots.

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Straight and Simple

many people said that straight ombre hairstyles for long hair girls look so boring. However, they have to change their thought after seeing this style. besides the beauty of it, it is so versatile to wear for almost every occasion.

Loose Brunette Curls

You can try a style that fades from the dark to light with some highlights at the ends. It is perfect for those who are working in professional conditions because it still keeps its conservative.

Ash Brown Soft Ombre

Ash ombre always brings attraction to others. Plus, when you go with long hair, you will look more mysterious and like a princess.

Blunt Haircut for Straight Hair and Ombre

Another amazing straight style in the list of ombre hairstyles for long hair girls is the connection of blunt cut and ombre. If you want to achieve a brighter somber, we recommend you try to fade from the dark roots into thin streaks and becoming darker toward the ends of the hair.

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