Super Chic Hairstyles for Long Blonde Hair in Any Event


Are you a lucky lady who has flowing long blonde hair, but struggle with ideas on how to style your hair before coming to a party?  We have the answer here. There are plenty of long blonde hairstyles for you to become the most outstanding person in every occasion that we have just found for you. 

Vintage Updo with Buttery Texture for Long Hair

This simple hairstyle can be the best option for a formal dress. Moreover, it is accented with a large finger wave that blends into it. You can add some subtle highlights to spice up the style.


Wavy Ponytail with a Braided Flower

Wavy low ponytail like this one always adds some pinch of “classy” in your event outfit. It actually gives you an extremely feminine and alluring looking in your blonde hair when you attend any party. 

Long blonde hairstyles Long Relaxed Fishtail

Another name of this cute braid is the fishtail braid. Although many people often braid it tightly, you should feature it to very loose, chunky, and a little bit messy. Choose some flowery accessories to emphasize your braid.

Dark Blonde Bun with Two Braids

Dark Blonde Bun with two braids can be another option long hair girl. This classy updo is completed with two braids seamlessly blended into the bun.

Half-Up Fishtail

It is true that long blonde hairstyles create different types of braids that all come together in harmony. Try this cute one in your blonde hair with a prom dress to achieve a fairy appearance.

Dark Blonde Layered Waves

This style is a standard Hollywood wavy dark blonde hair that makes every girl be envious because of the beauty of it. 

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After taking a look, which glamorous long blonde hairstyles in this list you want to try in the next event?

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