Surprisingly Easy and Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair


Are you planning for a party or simply an evening out? If you don’t know what to do with your hair now, these cute and easy hairstyles for medium hair are here to solve your problem. Check out the collection of some gorgeous styles below as well as the tutorials for each of them.

“No-Heat Holiday” Hair

Don’t want to use any heat items for a new hairstyle? You definitely can do that in this tutorial. We want to show you this braid style that can complete the volume and create a stylish look. Remember to keep your braid a little bit loose and messy for a natural appearance. Also, you can secure it by black band and one hair elastic.

Loose Braid Updo

We never miss loose updo in this list! You should create a braid to go with your normal updo that will surprise your friends with this new image. Moreover, let some loose strands fall freely near your face.

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Easy Festival Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Easy and fun? These are all words to say about this hairstyle for medium length. You will need a texture spray, comb, and some small colorful bobby pins. You can create any styles you want with these pins.

Topknot Magic

You may love many different versions of hairstyles for your medium hair, like this topknot. It requires just a curler, comb, clip, and maybe a fixing product. Make a voluminous topknot in your hair and keep it in place by an elastic band, create the rest of the hair with the curler.

Barbie Pony

Another way to make your look feminine is inspirited from Barbie ponytail hairstyle. You should prepare a comb, Perk up Dry Shampoo or, a volume powder, clips, a curling kit, and several flips in hair extensions. Plus, a headband will help you finish this cute look.

Both Formal and Casual

With cute and easy hairstyles for medium hair, you need to use a comb, a curler, and some pins to grab this style. Interestingly, you can apply it in both formal and casual situations.

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