The 5 Best Receding Hairline Haircuts for Men


Although a receding hairline is a nightmare for men because they have trouble in styling their hair, there are several haircuts for balding men. So, we’ve collected some great and trendy receding hairline haircuts for you guys before checking in barbershops. Let’s check out! 

1. Short Brush Up

At first, we will talk about the most famous receding hairline haircuts for balding men in recent years – the short brush up. 

This haircut helps to draw attention away from your receding hairline, so you can partially hide the fact that you’re balding.

To get the style, you need short sides and longer on top. Then, you brush your hair up with a bit of a particular hair product. 

2. Short Brush Down

If you don’t like “up”, we change to “down”. What is better than short hair down to hide the receding hairline? 

Whether you possess straight, curly, or wavy hair, this haircut is great for you. It almost hides your balding and changes others’ eyes on the hair on top.

It’s super easy to style because you only need to cut your hair short, and can combine with a fade cut, and then brush it down every time you go out.

3. Pompadour

The pompadour brings in the presence of a long-time hairstyle but it’s still trendy and fashionable. 

This hairstyle makes your hair seem voluminous and thicker, from then draw all attention to your stylish hair.

You need some techniques to get the pompadour: use some pomades, waxes, or any hair products which help hold the hair and brush it towards the back. Remember keep the front hair higher than the back.

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4. Slicked Back Hair

If you ask what the most elegant hairstyle is for men, we will vote one for the slicked-back hair. And when it comes to receding hairline haircuts, it still proves its outstanding look.

Although it doesn’t bring in a voluminous hair, it’s good at distracting others’ eyes from looking at your receding hairline.

This is quite easy to get the look. All you need is a good quality product to slick the hair back and keep it firm. 

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5. Ivy League

Sometimes, you may get confused with the crew cut. The hair in an Ivy League is generally longer than in the crew cut.

The Ivy League is good to prevent others from looking at your balding head.

You don’t need to do a lot because it’s originally short, low-maintenance, and neat.

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