The Best 15 Hairstyles for Bridesmaids (Part II)


Here are the next 10 hairstyles to make you, the bridesmaids, gorgeous more than ever.

6. Olivia Culpo’s Layered Hair

This look has been so popular for some reason. With their body, volume, and texture, layers never go wrong, to be honest.

7. Pearl Clips

Pearl clips are back! Making some deep waves on one side of your hair (whatever side you feel good) and add some little cute pearl clips to finish the freaking dreamy look.

8. Crimped Hair

This hairstyle is, in fact, so affordable that you don’t have to think much when popping them out after the wedding. You can consider clip-in extensions in case of preferring more length to your hair

9. Face-Framing Tendrils

I’m begging you to try this hairstyle because you’ll definitely LOVE it. You can make your face look even smaller by tugging some pieces lose around your temples.

10. Textured High Ponytail with Tendrils style

How cool is this style? The basic ponytail can become edgy and have more textures when it turns to be sleek.

11. Polished and Clipped style

Barrettes can be so practical and fashionable with this sleek look. Imagine how happy you are when diving for the bouquet your hair pinned orderly.

12. Pinned Half Back style

This style is for girls who want to keep their hair textures. Your natural curls can still be styled with a beaded accessory to create a touch of sparkle.

13. Smooth Waves and Stones style

This event will be easy but don’t forget to take some Instagram-worthy photos. These subtle gemstone pins will draw all attention to your good side, I guarantee.

14. Pinned With Petals

Tuck tiny-flowers in the half-up of your hair is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

15. Soft Waves

Just like Kim Kardashian, you can bring back the ‘70s vibe to the nuptials with these soft waves. Try to part your hair down the middle and tease the crown.

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