The Best 7 Inspos for Your Hair Transformations


Life is too short to keep a hairstyle for a long time. Yes, when saying that, I mean you need to change constantly, transform your look, and refresh your mind. In this case, the hair will definitely do its job. Change your hairstyle is you’re already halfway through. In case you are wondering how to do that, we offer the best 7 transformations of our favorite celebrities. Scroll down and pick one as your go-to.

1. Allison Williams Went from Deep Brunette to Warm Blonde

The sun-kissed highlights of the actress make want a beach vacation right now. On Instagram, she wrote: “I swore I wouldn’t do this to my hair again…but new movie, new hair. Back to blonde and back to work.” This hue brings a very productive vibe.

2. Emma Roberts Went From Red Hair to Cool-Toned Brunette

Emma Roberts did change her signature red hair into a deeper shade. You can copy her hairstyle for a more dimensional and deeper look.

3. Hailey Bieber Went From Her Natural Blonde to Bubblegum Pink

The freshly-dyed pink hair seems to suit perfectly Mrs. Bieber. It makes her face look more well-balanced and even more gentle.

4. Hillary Duff Went From Sandy Blonde to Platinum Blonde

The star stuck to a darker shade in the entire year 2018. The switch-off into brighter hue lightens her face and draw any attention from the ones who pass by.

5. Lady Gaga Went From Icy Blonde to Sky-Blue

The sky-blue shade Lady Gaga revealed at the 2019 Golden Globes is breathtaking. You can rock the red carpet like her by trying out this color.

6. Kate Bosworth Went From Blonde to Amber Red

Although blonde hair and Kate Bosworth has been a perfect combination. Her decision to switch to a red hue makes us change my mind. This shade highlights her glowy skin and bold lips.

7. Rumer Willis Went From Honey Blonde to Jet-Black

Jet-black is never got old-fashioned, I must say. Along with bone-straight cut, it is a classic legend.

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