The Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones


When a shift of skin is on the horizon, seek a new color as long as you are there. For some time now, you have looked in the mirror with the same color of the hair, time to live again. Like a fresh cut, your life will be changed and a new color will appear. The message for you, Black women: there are no laws for hair color.

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Below, we rounded up the best hair colors for dark skin tones that you MUST try at least once in your life. Be ready to take some screenshots and set an appointment with your hairdresser.

1. Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones: Copper

Red hair is a smart idea every time. Kimble suggests a darker red shade for women of color to make their appearance more natural.

2. Ashy Blonde

It may be a controversial announcement, but my favorite Beyoncé is blonde Beyoncé. Her own hairstylist is a fan of this creamy, dark-skinned white color, Kimble.

3. Blue

The more brazen, the better. “The undertone really comes into play here with more trendy colors like blues and greens,” Kimble remarks. When you have a dark undertone, switch to the Ashier colors. If you have an olive undertone, I would prefer to stay away from Green colors because they’re not so flattering on your skin tone.

4. Purple

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Check a purple tone for more fun if you’re not afraid to take a hair chance.

5. Best Hair Colors for Dark Skin Tones: Caramel Brown

Caramel-brown, as Ciara shows beautifully, is the color that complements profound teeth. Carter also says it shakes a couple of years if your intention is to look younger.

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