The Most Gorgeous Hairstyles For The Oval Face


The oval face is one of the face shapes that can fit most of the hairstyles. Today, we are going to check out the most gorgeous hairstyles for this shape. These styles will emphasize your beautiful characters on your face. Now, let’s go!

Center top knot

Just tie the knot on the center top, curl and then mess the rest of your hair up a little bit. That’s how it has done. It will make you say “Wow” by your cute, girlish, and stylish look.

Long Side Bang for Oval face hairstyles

For this style, it will help you achieve the sexy look and something mysterious. Moreover, it will emphasize the most outstanding characters on your face. Then, adding some layers turn your hair out to be more attractive.

Curly long hair

This style has never been out of date until now. With this long length, it appears to be soft and romantic with the wavy styles. This curly long hair will help your cheekbones and lips be emphasized.

Soft curly layer

For this basic layer hairstyles, it can go on well with the small wavy or natural curl texture. You can cut your bang with this one. And for the bang, it can be straight and sided.

 Beach wavy long hair

Needless to say, this beach wavy long hair is something you have to try out right away. You won’t want to miss the chance to be outstanding, soft, and cute. If you want to be cute, you can cut thin bangs.

Curtain long bangs for oval face hairstyles

The curtain long bang makes you feel sexy, confident and ready to go to any places. This style can make you come back to the old time.

The above is the best hairstyles for oval face. I hope you will like it and find the best one for you soon.

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