Timeless Blunt Haircuts for Women


Are you finding out a trendy and chic hairstyle? Don’t forget blunt haircuts! Stylish, edgy, and even statement, this style helps us to show off our healthy strands. Plus, it also suits all women to face shapes. So, if you are ready for a new hairstyle, you must see this article now because this is the place that you can get new ideas!

Blunt Cut Long Hair

With a blunt cut, you don’t need to sacrifice your natural long hair to get it. Just cut it as these photos below, you totally achieve a very modern one when you have a healthy long length. However, you should focus on the length frequently to make sure that it grows out evenly.

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Blunt Shoulder Length Hair

As you can see, blunt haircuts in shoulder-length are often worn by celebrities when they appear on the stages. So, it isn’t surprising that this style is very popular with all women. The benefit of it is versatile due to growing out easily and can suit almost all occasions.

Blunt Short Hair

For those who have a short hairstyle and want to make a statement, a blunt short cut will help you do that. Moreover, it also has low maintenance, so that you can save a lot of time.

Blunt Haircut for Wavy Hair

Have you ever thought that blunt haircuts can combine with wavy styles? You can make a decision after seeing this one. Thanks to this style, you will look more girly but still bold with a blunt.

Blunt Hair with Bangs

Although it appeared for a long time, we have to say that it is never out of date. Bangs in this style can cover your forehead effectively if you don’t want to show them. But bangs need to maintain, so you should visit the hair salon regularly.

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