Tips To Choose The Right Bangs For Your Face Shape


If you are looking for some ways to stunningly change your look, then bangs are the easiest solutions. The best bangs can help you dramatically play up your features as well as balance your face curves. Yet, choosing the wrong ones might adversely ruin your total appearance. So if you are confusing which bangs suit your face shape most, we’ll help you choose the right bangs for your face shape, just take a look at this list.

1. Round face shapes: Side-swept

Long and side-swept bangs can help flatter your round face and wider your cheeks. This fringe style creates more length in your face and makes it more oval. Make sure your bangs are lifted to avoid hanging across your face.

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2. Oval face shapes (long forehead): Wispy bang

If you want to hide your long forehead, then a wispy fringe might be a good choice. This sparse bang can help your face become more attractive and angular features.

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3. Oval face shapes (small forehead): Choppy fringe

A choppy bang serves as a real short bang for those who don’t want going to short, thanks to its varying length. To keep it stay in the right place, just gently apply some hair products on it.

4. Square face shapes: A-shaped bang

An A-shaped bang a the right key for square and oblong face shape. It tends to widen your cheeks and create more angles, especially the jaw lines. 

5. Heart face shape: Curtain bang

The best bang for a heart-shaped face is definitely a thin and layered one. Longer curtain bang might promote your cheekbones while widening your chin as well.

Above are useful advices for you to choose the right bangs for your face shape. If you are fond of a particular bang style, then just feel free to go for that one. Just remember, the most important thing is that you are confident with your new look!

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