Top 10 Fall Hair Colors for Women Over 70


Top 10 Fall Hair Colors for Women Over 70

Fall hair colors for 70-year-old women scream warm and bright tones that reflect the autumn season. Older ladies look so much flattering with red, rich brown, and darker blonde hues at this time of the year.

With various colors to choose from, your skin complexion is a huge factor to consider.

Brunette and red tones bring out the warmth in the skin. If opting for blonde, pick the shade that’s opposite of your undertone. Feel free to consult with your colorist on this.

Hair color is a commitment, which requires upkeep. Copper, for instance, demands high maintenance, among others. It’s usually done with a single process, forming a harsh line when the hair grows out.

Balayage is a great low-maintenance alternative as it lasts for 3-6 months. The result creates a dimensional and softer blend that enables a more natural grow out.

Brighten up your look with these stunning hues. Go through the images and get inspired by these trendy fall hair colors for over 70-year-old women!

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