Top 10 Pixie Hairstyles that You MUST Try Out


Pixie hairstyles have gone viral for many reasons. They not only make girls look much cuter and more girly but also create a cool look. Here is the list of top 10 long pixie hairstyles. Pick one and show the photo to your hairstylists on the next appointment!

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1. Short Curly Pixie

You can imitate this look with a mini hair straightener. It helps to redefine curls and waves, turning them into the less puffy for quite a long time.

2. Short Curly Bob

If you want something lying in between the bob and a pixie, this is your go-to.

3. Textured Pixie Cut

In case you cannot get a textured hair despite pouring in a great amount of effort, try out a little texturing spray or volumizing powder. Lather them up and wait for a second to see the difference.

4. Diffused Curls

A blow dryer and diffuser attachment are all you need for this style.

5. Long, Layered Pixie

Longer layers on the crown of your hair will re-frame your face and make it well-balanced than ever!

6. Glam Pixie Cut

This polished look is just like an Instagram filter!

7. Cropped Curly Haircut

With a pixie, you can be creative and try to use different types of curling wands.

8. Tousled Pixie Curls

Give your hair some curls and waves, then pull all backward behind your neck to generate a more sexy look.

9. Tight-Cropped Curls

To be honest, I’m obsessed with this style even though I have been a fan of long wavy hairstyles for a while. This is so freaking cute, isn’t it. Make sure to apply the right amount of conditioners for hydrated curls.

10. Curly Bangs

These seem to be cool and strange, beautifully. Pixie cut with fringes – a perfect duo.

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