Top 10 Side Bangs that Girls Need to Try Once


Side bangs have made a comeback in the first half of 2020. The reason why they are so popular is transparent. I personally love these bangs since they are sooo versatile. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is short or long, straight or wavy, side bangs always offer some benefits to your entire face. We rounded up the top 10 side bangs that we love for your inspiration.

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1. Side fringe: Rihanna

To copy the polished look of Rihana, remember to lather up PLENTY of hairsprays so that your hair looks sleek, and good.

2. Side fringe: Emma Stone

The full and sweeping fringes create an illusion for thicker hair.

3. Side fringe: Bella Thorne

If you get the same bangs as Bella, you can freely switch between a full or side fringe by dividing your bangs for lovely curtains.

4. Side fringe: Reese Witherspoon

This piece bang is super popular because you can do whatever you want with it. You can tuck it to one side, straighten it, or part it down the center. Just be creative until it satisfies you.

5. Emma Watson

Emma brings in a chilling and lazy-girl but effortlessly cute vibe with this ultimately minimal hairstyle.

6. Kate Middleton

The center-parted bangs slew Kate’s look. They highlighted her eyes and cheekbones and draw every attention from the outsiders.

7. Katy Perry’ Hairstyles

This textured finish look of the pixie haircut with the side bangs makes Katy look like she aged backward.

8. Taylor Swift’ Side Bangs

The super short hair of Taylor doesn’t minimize any girly look due to the volume and movement that the side fringes gave.

9. Side fringe: Haley Bennett

Haley is alive proof that explains why this hairstyle is so classic.

10. Rihanna’ Bangs

Once again, queen of cool Rihanna has perfected the side fringe! 👌 💇

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