Top Coolest Quiff Haircuts For Men


A hairstyle is always a hot topic for men. Sure, a nice haircut will make guys look better immediately. However, a key point is that a nice haircut is the one that suits you. If you are looking for a new haircut this summer, our quiff haircuts collection will be something you are waiting for.

So what is the quiff hair? It is acknowledged that the quiff is a classic men’s haircut over time. Compared to other types, this hairstyle has some different features such as long hair on the top, especially in the front. Meanwhile, the hair at the back and sides are trimmed neatly. Similar to a fade, the quiff makes any guy look more fresh and bright because this hair creates a clear contrast between the top of the hair and the rest one.

Quiff haircuts originated from the pompadour hairstyle which dated back the 1950s. According to this, people call this hair “ a haircut of history’s men”. To make this hair more versatile, the barbers add more skills and features of other hairstyles, including the fade, buzz, or taper to it. Nowadays, this hair is going to be more and more popular. A lot of famous stars wear this haircut, namely David Beckham. Wearing this hair is easy for any guy to mix and match, even for a date, or a business meeting.

In this article, we show you some trendy the quiff haircuts such as classic quiff haircut, quiff haircut mixed with the fade, messy quiff, taper sides quiff, v.v. Each style has its outstanding characteristics and all give you an amazing look. Now, find suitable quiff haircuts for yourself by checking out some of the best men’s quiff styles below. 

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