Top 2020 Hair Trends that Warm your Heart This Winter


If you’re a winter hater (sorry, can’t relate), you ‘re probably already conjuring sludgy snow and blah days photos. Yet cheer up! Then cheer up! It’s not just sad and boring about winter. If you need something to get excited about the colder months ahead, I have some beauty trends in winter 2020 that can be a trick — or at least stop you from worrying about how cold you are. The 21 trends that you can see everywhere in the winter range from trendy haircuts to common hair colors. If you are sad that the summer is over, just look again and note that the winter is really, really, not that bad.

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Below, we rounded up the top 2020 trends that you cannot miss this 2020 fall and winter.

1. 2020 Hair Trends – The Bob Haircut Trend for 2020

Hate your hair when your hair gets stuck in the sweater/headband/pullover jacket? Chop it off! Why not? Why not! Winter is the best possible opportunity to enjoy a chin-grazing bob haircut, and the less effort, the better in 2020. You have plenty of time to grow it out for a summer ponytail but for dry, sticky summer months a crop like this will be just as fine.

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2. Slicked-Down Layers for Winter

Face-framing layers had a big comeback, which is not soon going due to the versatility of the style. Take out some pieces, wear your tendrils around and down, style them into baby braids, or slick them down behind your ear for a stylish, winter-friendly look.

3. 2020 Hair Trends  – Headband Styles for Winter

While barrettes and clips were the inofficial mascots of 2019, their replacements for 2020 consider scrunchies and headbands. While both scrunchies and headbands are nothing new they are more common than ever, and the trend is even better in combination.

4. A Half-Up Hairstyle for Winter

The classical half-up hairstyle, but particularly in the winter is always a good choice. This keeps not only your hair out of your face but also your neck and shoulders moist when you need this. This year’s pattern involves face panels and a super-high cabbage, which is not straight up the back but on both sides of the nose.

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