Top 4 Pretty Shoulder-Length Hair for 2020


There is a lot of shoulder-length hair for you to wear for different outfits on different occasions.  So, today we are going to go through 4 pretty styles for shoulder-length hair for this year.

1. Straight Layered Hair

Maybe only a straight hairstyle can make you feel a little bit boring sometimes. So, cutting layers makes your hair more attractive, thicker, and increases movement to your beautiful hair.  Most face shapes can look great with layered hairstyles, so don’t worry whether or not it will look good on you. 

2. Blunt Shoulder-Length Hair

This hairstyle is something popular among women, and the reason for that is that it is so simple to take care of and maintain.  You can mix your hair with a sports headband for a more active and sporty look. Or you can add other accessories to make a chic and young appearance. After a long time maintaining the current hairstyle, it’s high time for you to make a change for your hair with this blunt shoulder-length hair.

3. Wavy Hair

Different from the above hairstyles, this one will help you achieve a soft and girlish look. The beach weaves will show the natural moves. Also, it is easy to maintain and take care of this. Sometimes, you can be creative with other hairstyles such as half-down top knot wavy hair and side braid wavy hair.  

4. Ombre Shoulder-Length Hair

If you want to change your whole look, this one will be one of the hairstyles being worth trying. The mixture of the darker shade and lighter shades ends will make other people look at you, and remember you for a long time as well. Regardless of the hair length, this ombre hair will make you shine everywhere you go.

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