Top 5 Long Pixie Haircuts Convincing You to Go Shorter


“Long pixie haircuts are the best-chopped hairstyles in the world”, that’s my confession. If you think that these styles are so limited that you can not be creative or do anything with them. We’ll prove that you’ve been wrong (oops!). Here are 5 best examples of long pixie haircuts to show you how versatile and adorable they are. Scroll through and take a look!

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1. Long Pixie With Tousled Tendrils

In case you have a straight natural hair, you can add more curls to your pixie with a curling wand. To copy this mussed-up look, change the direction when you curl your hair with the wand. First, wrap the hair around the wand away from your face, then wrap it towards. Repeat the process until you get the full head.

2. Pixie With Scrunched Curls

This one is my favorite pixie since this looks so subtle and complicated, but doesn’t take you for so long, though. Try out curl creams and gels for an easy-win.

3. Pixie Cut With Highlights

Curls are not enough and you cannot be satisfied? Adding colors to create more dimension is the solution! The combination of brown and blonde highlights is a choice for a curly pixie cut.

4. Headband Hairstyle

How headbands can change the look that dramatically (in a good way)? I can’t get that. Anyways, use a headband as an accessory to make them look even cuter and adorable.

5. Voluminous Haircut

You can create more volumes even you have thin hair. Buil them by wrapping small parts of your hair around the roller in one direction. Pull the curls away from your face. Finish this hairstyle by dabbing the wax through the curls! There you go!

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