Top 5 Overnight Hairstyle Hacks for Perfect Mornings


Girls have too many things to handle in the morning. You need to get ready with your clothes, makeup, breakfast, and of course, hairstyles. Therefore, just a few minutes of oversleeping can ruin your whole morning, and you end up with boring ponytails on your way to the office. In this case, overnight hairstyle hacks are such a lifesaver. We rounded up the top 5 hacks that definitely work for anybody. Scroll down, pick your favorite and you’ll see how magical it is.

Overnight Hairstyle #1: Sock Curls for Medium-Length Hair

If you are a fan of curly hair, you cannot miss out on this hack. What I love about this hack is also the reason why it becomes a trend on Tiktok recently. Unlike curls that are created by curling ironing, sock curls are gorgeous but not cause any damage to your hair.

Let’s start by dividing your hair into two sections, then from those two sections, split each in half. Totally you’ll have four sections. Now, wrap the sock around one hair section and roll it up. Secure it by making a knot of your sock. Do the same thing to the other three sections. Take off the socks in the morning and be ready to be shocked.

Tip: The Garnier Fructis Invisible Dry Shampoo is optional. It creates a lot more volume and dimensions to your curls.

#2: Bantu Knots for Short, Natural Hair

This is another hack for curly hair. Similar to the above one, split your hair into four sections, tie them with an elastic. Wrap your hair around the hair base and roll them upwards your crown. Make them fixed with the hair elastics. Repeat the step for the other three sections. Bear in mind that twist the 2 front sections backwards and 2 back sections forwards.

Tip: We love the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray.

Overnight Hairstyle #3: Headband Waves for Medium Hair

Curling your hair with a fabric headbands may sound strange to you, but it definitely works so well. Put 2 headbands on the top of your head. Make it as flat as possible. For an easy-win, spray your hair with a bottle of water. Twist your hair through the headbands. When you’re done, coat another layer of water and go to bed. 

Tip: The L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Out of Bed Texturizer Cream does its job in creating more textures to the hairstyle.

Overnight Hairstyle #4: Hair Donuts for Long, Thin Hair 

Prepare for this hack with a hair donut. Make a high ponytail and twist them around the hair donut. That’s all you need to do for a stunning curly hair 😊. 

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Hack #5: Twist Braid for Long, Thick Hair 

In case you forget these conventional overnight hairstyle hacks to have curls, braids can also be a great way to have a beautiful hairstyle that you cannot miss out.

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