Top 6 Men’s Crew Cut Hairstyles In 2020


The crew cut hairstyle has become one of the most popular hairstyles for men in recent years because of its easy maintenance and formal look. Therefore, there are several variations of this well-known style that you can try if you want to change your current look. So, make sure you check out these men’s crew cut hairstyles to find the best suitable for you.

1. Classic Crew Cut

This is one of the classiest crew cut hairstyles for you to try. All you need to do is to cut the hair short in equal length.

2. Crew Cut with Undercut

You can combine an upgrade classic crew cut with the trendy undercut on sides. Plus, we recommend that you should wear a beard to fully perfect this haircut.

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3. Mid Lenght Crew Cut

This crew cut is similar to the classic one but the length of the hair is slightly longer at the top and shorter on sides. These all make it look like an undercut. However, you should try the one of the most popular crew cut hairstyles thaonce. 

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4. Slightly Spiked Crew Cut

This modern crew cut is well-known for its dynamic texture. it looks like the crew cut with an undercut but with a bit of pomade and a comb. You can change the look drastically. 

5. Boyish Crew Cut

This crew cut is perfect for men with a long-shaped face. You need to keep your hair strong with a conditioner and use a comb to style the hair with a good pomade.

6. The Brush Hair Cut

This military crew cut is one of the well-known crew cut hairstyles in the world. The hair on top will have a brush-cut style and a flat shape, and the hair on sides is cut shorter to create a contrast effect to the top. To keep the brush look as well as a well-textured appearance, you can use a good quality pomade.

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