Top 7 Braids for Men in 2020


Braids for men are always a great idea. These styles have been a fixture expressing cultural integration among Africa, Scandinavia, and China. Long hair is perfect for creating loose braids and plaits. You can have more complicated styles with help from the pros. Here are the best 7 techniques which upgrade braids for men into a new level.

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Braids for Men: Cornrows

Cornrows are definitely the most classic and popular style for gentlemen. You can be creative to do tight braids and play with texture. You can choose one between single plaits or double braids.

Braids for Men: Layered Braids

Cornrows can be much cooler when they are tied up into a ponytail. Let them fall freely if you want to bring in a chilling vibe. Men with short hair can also try out this style. I guarantee your eyes will be safe with the strands.

Braids for Men: Box Braids

This is another style for short hair. Box braids create more volumes and extensions, which gives extra length. However, the extra hair may take you some hours to be done. Make sure you make a reservation with your hairstylists to save time.

Viking Braid

As showcased by Vikings king Ragnar Lothbrok, these braids are finished by pulling the thick and long hair into single braids.

Braids for Men: Single Plait

Jared Leto did create this hairstyle after being inspired by the look of his 12-year-old sister. You may not hang all-Gucci Wardrop on your body but this look will definitely make you the center of attention whenever you go.

Braids With Bun

Make a bun and add braids from the forehead to the topknot.

Twin Pigtails

Back in 2014, True Detective creator Cary Fukunaga swapped out his topknot for a pair of badass, shoulder-length braids. We’d advise the following suit.

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