Top 7 Natural Hairstyles that is Surprisingly Gorgeous


We always embrace natural beauty these days. Thus, there are no reasons for us to get rid of natural hairstyles. We rounded the top 7 hairstyles for your inspirations. Some of them are so easy that you can achieve the look right at your home. Whereas, some others are a little bit more intricate and professional help is required. Whatever it takes, make your children proud of any little cutie hair.

1. Natural Hairstyle: Toddler’s Mini Puff With Flat Twists

Who says toddlers and babies don’t need hairdos? Any human beings need their hair to be styled. When it comes to such a young age, mini puffs are perfect. Twist the puffs to protect the ends and make it last longer. Some hair accessories can upgrade the beauty to a whole new level.

2. Flat Twists With Buns

This is another natural hairstyle that you can apply to your young kids. It works best with hair with medium to long length. It is quick, and you can restyle it whenever you want. Those 2 main reasons are enough to convince you to go to this style.

3. Natural Hairstyle: Simple Cornrows with Beads

In case your kids don’t have enough patience for a complicated and time-consuming hairdo, make simple cornrows for them. Add some beads or braid rings and your kids will be ready for a new school day.

4. Simple mini cornrows with chunky all back cornrows

This hairstyle is super convenient for busy moms out there. You can re-do the hairstyle when it becomes too frizzy with several styles. It may be two strands or flat twists.

5.  Double Patio (clap hands) with Twists

Starting from Nigeria, this hairdo is now popular in many other countries. It’s basic and not so hard to be done. Most importantly, you just need to make this hairstyle once per week.

6. Natural Hairstyle: Patewo with Curve

For girls with short hair, twist their hair and pull it into an up-do.

7. Half Cornrows Half Braids

Older kids and teenagers would prefer these braids as natural hairstyles. Their busy schedules ask for a style that lasts for at least 3 weeks. And this hairstyle meets that requirement.

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