Top Medium Shaggy Haircut for Your Distinctive Style


If you are tired of seeing your image with a normal hairstyle in the mirror, it is time you look for a new hairstyle to spice your lookup. There are many variations of hairstyles varying from long to a short one for ladies to opt for. At the same time, the majority of women want a trendy yet modern and youthful hairstyle for themselves. Today in this article, we want to introduce to you a collection of the best variations of medium shaggy haircut for your distinctive style. Let’s figure it out now!

Shaggy Chestnut Locks

The first option in our collection is this modern shaggy chestnut style. You can realize that this light brown is not boring at all. Its dimension helps this total look to be more sexy and stylish.

Balayage for Shoulder-Length Shag: One of the best medium shaggy haircut

Another shaggy hairstyle that you can flaunt this season is the balayage. This hairstyle can be more gorgeous and stylish if you add some layers and highlights to it. It is effortlessly beautiful on any lady.

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Blonde Bob with Shaggy Layers

How about styling yourself with this blonde bob with shaggy layers. This medium shaggy haircut brings you a classic yet subtle look. And a flashpoint is that you needn’t take care of it so much. It is naturally beautiful.

Voluminous Wispy Lob with Feathered Layers

For those who seek a more sophisticated look, this shaggy hairstyle can be your choice. The mixture between feathered layers and the medium length creates a perfect look for any woman. Go for it now!

Pretty Tousled Shaggy Lob

If you love to have a bang, try this pretty tousled medium shaggy haircut. It super fits those who have a square face since the wavy layers cover your check. Believe us, you will look amazing in this stunning hairstyle.

Have you chosen the best suitable medium shaggy haircut for your own? We hope that this collection will be your source of inspiration to gain a distinctive look.

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