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Top Short Haircuts For Black Women With Round Faces


People used to think that women with round faces have fewer chances to change their haircuts or go short of their hair. However, everything is different now. With the plenty of variations of haircuts and hairstyles, women in general, and black women with round faces, in particular, can try different types of haircuts. Aiming to inspire them in changing and refreshing themselves, we are going to share with you a collection of haircuts for black women with round faces

Layered hair

When it comes to short haircuts for black women, layered haircuts are always the most favorite one. In this haircut, you can try to mix your hair with long bangs to make your face thinner. This conservative short haircut will satisfy you.

Undercut hair: One of the best haircuts for black women

Undercut is never out of fashion all the time for black women. This short haircut makes your face bright and stunning. If you’d prefer a more complicated outlook, try this haircut with smoky eyes!

Bob haircut

This short haircut for black women is stunning. There is no lack of evidence that bob haircut is always drawn to others. In fact, this haircut can be suitable for any job. Why don’t we try this now!

Curly hair

For black women who are fans of curls, short haircut is a must-try one. Because it is one of the most complicated haircuts, it requires careful maintenance. Therefore, consider before rock this hairstyle.

Long pixie cut

The last haircut in our collection today is the long pixie cut. Indeed, these short haircut suit black women with a round face. Let’s dress yourself up with some earrings and necklaces, you’re final outlook will surprise you!

In short, women can choose natural short haircuts for themselves. We hope our collection can be huge inspiration for you! Wish you beauty always!

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