Top Slicked Back Hairstyles For Men


If someone asks what is the most popular men’s haircut this year? Slicked-back hair could be the best answer. To make these haircuts more trendy, barbers today add cut’s features into this haircut. It now becomes a cool modern style for men. If you’re considering the latest men’s slicked back hairstyles, our collection can be your source of inspiration. Let’s check it out now!

Low Fade Slick Back

When combined low fade with slide back, it brings businessmen a perfect look. This haircut doesn’t expose too much scalp. As you know, the low fade haircut is recognized by the low start but on the sides, starts the blending process right above the ears and curves around near the neckline. It’s time to try low fade slick back style.

low-fade-slick-back Top Slicked Back Hairstyles For Men

High Fade Slick Back

The high fade slick back offers a more modern. With the emphasis on the thicker, longer hair on top, this kind of slick back hairstyle works well for guys of all hair types, especially men with receding hairlines or a widow’s peak.

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Skin Fade Slick Back

Fresh and modern slick hairstyles you can get, fashionable, This effortless blend provides a sexy contrast and truly focuses the eyes on the brushed back hair on top. Combining a skin fade with a slick back hairstyle is one way to make sure you stand out in a crowd.

Short Slicked Back Hair

Keep your hair short and low-maintenance, the slick back for short hair is an excellent option. And despite having less to work with, guys are still able to try a number of different styles, including a short pompadour slick back or comb-over.

Long Slicked Back Hair

If you prefer long hair, long slicked back hairstyles are good choices. You should go to the hairdressers to have your haircut. You will be amazed by the fashionable look after all. Remember to take care of your haircut to keep it beautiful all the time.

What do you think about our collection? If you still cant find your favorite one, keep scrolling down our hottest slicked back hairstyles for men!

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