Trendy Balayage Hair Color Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss


Balayage is definitely one of the most modern, natural-looking, and gorgeous hair color techniques for girls these days. Even if you never heard of it, many celebrities have adopted these fascinating hairstyles. Although balayage needs a professional process, it’s not necessary for frequent touch-ups. And the point is, balayage can be done on any colors – blonde, brunette, etc. – and it can also be adapted for any length. Here are some trendy balayage hair colors for you to try.

Toned Ash Brown Balayage

Every hair color works well with balayage, even the dark hair. If you are looking for something subdued, an ashen brown will lighten up your look. 

Rose Quartz Balayage  

This color bases on one beauty trend – crystals. A pop of color can make your hair more attractive and fashionable, especially for brown girls.

Platinum balayage

If you are in love with a frozen outlook, then immediately take this color. The wide balayage highlights in the center and on the ends are snowy pale. This is another choice for brown girls who want sassy looks.

Light blonde balayage

This is also a top choice for many girls. Champagne strands and glinting silver balayage can make you shine brightly under moonlight.

Trendy balayage: Dark blue balayage is on the list.

If you are ready to take a risk, then go straight to dark blue hair color. With a dark shade of blue on your black natural hair, you will look even stunning than expected.

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Peach balayage

Peach is one of the perfect colors for an energetic summer. Yet, few girls want to dye their hair with a full pink like this. Now with this trendy balayage hairstyle, you can try this lively color without painting your whole head.

Chocolate cherry balayage

You are a quite traditional girl but still want something new for your hair? Then come to chocolate cherry balayage. With a little cherry color laying on your dark texture, you can be more mysterious than ever.

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