Trendy Shades of the Gray Hair for Women 2020


Many people think that gray hair color brings an old, boring feeling and often wears by older people. But there is an epic battle of many women making waves in the hair game. Now, gray hair is more and more popular for the youth and high-fashion people. We believe that all people can have fun with this hair color and its modern versions. Catch one of them now in the list of eye-catching shades of the gray hair below that we have found for you.

Ombre Flair

There is nothing perfect than an ombre from dark roots to gray. We have to say this is an exquisite blend of coloring. Plus, you should add a pop of pigment to your lips and ready to go.

Dance Floor Ready

With loose waves, this grey hair adds more dimensions to gray locks. It works great on medium to long hair. Moreover, the waves also create the movements to this magical color.

Blue Gray Madness

Do you want to refresh your boring cut with shades of the gray hair? Ride the silver hair trend train with a hint of blue to grab other’s attention.

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Retro Blend

Retro fashion and hair color trends are now making a comeback for women. The combination of purple highlights with a gray base brings an extra personal touch to many hairstyles. So, why don’t you experiment with this idea?

Tight Silver Curls

To achieve this feminine look, you only need to create curls at the ends. The tip for you is to use hair spray and tousle the curls slightly to hold the hair.

Neutral Gray

This blend of light blue with salt hair color will help you become the most stunning woman on any occasion. So that’s why we can’t pass this trendy color on the collection of shades of the gray hair.

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