Trendy Wet Hairstyles Make You Hang Up Your Hair Dryer


Wet hairstyles which are crinkly, crispy, and slightly greasy are inspirited from the 80s. And now, these styles will make a comeback with many upgrading versions and more sophisticated. If you fall in love with one of them, you should prepare lip gloss, and maybe glossy eye-shadow. So, we want to show you some beautiful wet hairstyles that make you want to hang up your hairdryer immediately.

Demure, Damply Tousled Bob

For those who have curly or wavy hair, these wet styles will make you happy because it highlights your lovely curls. You don’t need to waste time making them straight anymore. Just need to use a little bit of hair product to get the best-wet bob like you see here.

The Haute Couture Slick-Back

You will actually look like a model on the runways. This style brings a chic, and moreover easy to do without too much time styling and effort.

Wet Chic Messy Chignon

Do you want to achieve a quick but also sophisticated hairstyle every waking morning? Use a bit of product and your finger to create a glamorous messy bun like this one. Also, you can add  a lovely accessory, such as floral.

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Wet and Braided Faux-Hawk

With the help of wet hairstyles, you are ready to emphasize your edgy look with braided faux. As you can see, the sides of your head bring an illusion of a Mohawk hairstyle.

Sleek, Long, and Blonde

Another simple but glamorous hairstyle for women to look like a star on the street is a long wet hairstyle. However, this style belongs to those who have blonde, straight hair types.

Long Natural Wet Hairstyle

Black women also can get the best wet hairstyles, especially with curly hair. You will be the most outstanding woman if you have a less frizz curly, long hair.

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