Undercut Hairstyles to make the glamorous transformation


Undercut Hairstyles to make the glamorous transformation

Undercut hairstyles are styles that not only help you look stronger but also bring about the badass and independent vibes that you cannot imagine. That’s why they are a perfect appearance to show your inner personality. Moreover, shaved undercuts help your thick hair is better controlled. According to John Frieda Creative Director, Leigh Keates, the best and most preferred way is to have a shaved cut at the nape of the neck. It will be visible when you tie your hair up or tuck it into one shoulder. And if necessary, you can easily cover it by letting your hair loose.

Here are the lists of celebrities that dare to refresh their look and choose undercut hairstyles as great ways to show their personalities.

1. Keke Palmer

A fringe, an updo, and an undercut carried out at the same time gives her a more sexy and unique look than ever.

2. Scarlet Johansson rock undercut hairstyles

An androgynous undercut brings about the subtle sense of the wearer.

3. Kelly Osborne

You can also hide and show your tattoo with your undercut hair.

4. Toga

An undercut can turn you to be high fashion. To nail the look, make your brows look brushy and messy like Toga did.

5. Katy Perry with undercut hairstyles

Katy Perry is also a fan of this hairstyle because it gives her a youthful and fresh appearance.

6. Halsey

Adding some bright colors to the undercut hair can make you more outstanding than anyone else out there.

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