Updos for Short Hair – 7 Styles You Need to Know


Unlike girls with long hair who can make tons of hairstyles, short hair girls tend to be limited with the hairdos. That’s maybe your belief, not mine. To prove that your belief is wrong, we rounded up 7 ways for you to have updos for short hair that are created by red carpet’s top hairstylists.

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1. Updos for Short Hair: Floral Braids

Floral braids are my fave forever. This updo is not only so subtle and beautiful but also easy to create. To have the look, curl your hair into waves and add more textures and dimension to the style. The Kristin Ess Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray definitely helps.

2. A Strong Side Part With Micro Braids

As an alternative for a full-on braided crown, a strong side part with micro braids will give you a magical look.

3. Updos for Short Hair: Multi-Headband Updo

Headbands come back this year. Pull your hair back with one, two, or even more headbands to make everyone focus on your face.

4. Messy Topknot

There is no hairstyle like this one. The messier your topknot gets, the cooler you become. The secret is to create as many textures to your buns as you can.

5. Slick Pony

Pony is sometimes boring, but the slick pony is a new level of coolness. To re-create this updo for short hair, the combo of Virtue Labs Unfrizz Cream and Restorative Treatment Mask is indispensable.

6. Updos for Short Hair: Rolled-Up Ends

Twist your hair back to the nape of your neck, take the tail and gradually roll it up. Add bobby pins so that your hair is secured throughout the day.

7. Updos for Short Hair: Textured Twist

Short hair does not have many choices in hairstyles. Thin and short hair is even worse. Don’t worry since there’s always a solution. Romantic twist will add tons of textures. Thus, your hair will appear thicker and fuller.

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