14 Amazing Fulani Braids for Black Women


I believe that you’ve already heard about Fulani Braids hairstyles at least through some famous celebrities such as actress Bo Derek or singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. Because of them, this hairstyle becomes famous and wins many black women’s hearts. The origin of this hairstyle associated with an African ethnic group named the Fula, who live throughout much of the Western and Eastern parts of the continent.

Fulani braids are unique because it’s usually styled with patterns of thin-to-medium tightly plaited braids that are close to the head and taper into hair extensions of all lengths. Because of its special features, wearing these hairstyles will give you an unforgettable and unique look.

If you black and you are in love with this style, you’ve come to the right place. Here we suggest some of the best Fulani Braids for women of all ages. Let’s check out before rocking to Fulani hairstyle. 

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